Olympic Leisure

In Uncategorized on July 31, 2012 at 10:04 pm

To tell you the truth our television has been on the fritz & so we’ve not been watching any Olympics.  However, I like to think that we are indulging in summer holiday at an Olympic level. After staying up late watching a summer blockbuster, we rose early to ride. I snapped this photo of Gypsy just before we headed out. (That’s her in her summer gear, including bug ears and citronella brow band for the woods).  Because it’s summer I am out of “hibernation” and so we’ve been eating out a lot more than in the winter when I feel nervous of public spaces.  So, today we ate a lovely lunch out, and then headed back into town to watch the summer thunderstorm extraordinaire and have a siesta.  Tonight BBQ. Yesterday? Pool swimming (I actually swam a lot, not just floated, which always astonishes Dad because he thinks of me as a floater. Ha ha!), had a minty mojito, & celebrated Mom’s birthday. Day before yesterday? Been really enjoying feeling good lately, and rode around and around the hayfield non stop on Matty. Tom said, “I think that is the longest we’ve ever trotted where you didn’t have to stop!”  It felt really nice, so nice in fact that I also jumped about 8 or 10 jumps. Which was amazing! Muscle memory is a great thing! A few days prior? I danced so frigging fast at a swing dance that it made Tom tear up.  Week before that? Cottaging with friends in Muskoka, lake swims, star gazing, more bbq, reading, and… oh! Glorious summer! I’ve also been busy with the horse portraits (once I got the air conditioner in the studio), and have sung a few really cool gigs, Beaches Jazz Festival, and Brott Music Festival included! All this summering and eating has me tipping the scale and believe it or not some of my dresses are a little tight on me: which is fine by me: healthy is as healthy does! It’s been a bit tricky to stay out of the sun and cover up due to some medically caused sun sensitivity, but with careful preparation it can be done. A good friend’s husband had a stroke just the other day and we are thinking about and praying for them. It makes one take stock of the good things in one’s life. Thanks for this indulgent post. Thank you July. You have been swell to me.

summer festival season = outdoor singing!


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