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Portugal trip!

In Uncategorized on August 20, 2012 at 6:45 pm

Outside the castle walls on our way to dinner, I HAD to snap this photo of me for the Bravest Redhead Blog! Notice the Portuguese movie poster!

Goodness gracious! I’ve just gotten back from a wonderful trip to Portugal!  I had no idea it would be so beautiful, so tasty, and so hilly! My legs feel very strong as a result of walking up and down the steep cobbled streets of Lisbon. It was — amazing! Art galleries, beautiful grand buildings, beautiful decaying buildings, wonderful cuisine, great air, friendly natives, and a ride on a native pony stallion in the mountains which had us riding in view of  wild horses. It was the trip of a lifetime!

Tom hiked up behind some rocks to take this stealth photo of our riding group which stopped to lunch at this old ruin. That’s me on the left with my little stallion. If you click on the photo it will enlarge and you can see those tiny dots in the background are actually wild ponies!

I’ve never been anywhere where I couldn’t speak the language, or anywhere close to Mediterranean, so this was new, exciting, old world, & fabulous. We stayed in a castle, a converted monastery, and even a modern hotel on our tour. (I would encourage people to visit Portugal: very economic: a stay in a converted monastery costs about the same as a Days Inn back home.) I would go back in a flash.  I loved it. One minute we’re at a neolithic tomb in a National park the next we’re on a street that felt like Mardi Gras. What a diverse trip! We even heard some great native “fado music being sung, which inspired me to shoot a music video  for my next record in the picturesque Alfama (within the walls of the  mediaeval town)!    One night in Alfama we kept being awakened by a loud peacock. It was… so different from any trip I’ve ever taken!

My lungs did really well with all the steep walking too & the only time my lungs felt challenged was when the group galloped in the mountains: it was so high up, and we were in a cloud (moist air is harder to breathe), so I had to ask please not to go in the gallop. (But we still trotted very quickly and saw amazing vistas). Tom is all aglow post-trip. Me too for that matter.  We are all so grateful and glad. To the lung donor who made this all possible, we thank you. Gosh. Just… Gosh!

Tom and Alex, the happy wanderers!