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Four years ago my family & my friends were waiting for me to emerge from the Operating Room.  By this time of night (9:37pm as I write) the transplant surgery was well under way, nearly done, and the American election, nervous good cheer, and a speech of hope and “YES WE CAN” kept them company, nervously diverting their attentions to the television screens for an outcome they really cared less about than that of the operation.  (holy run on sentence!)

Now, my transplant was actually the 4th of November 2008 in Toronto, but it was election night for America then too, as is tonight.

Though my remembrances of waking are foggy I remember just about the first thing I wanted to know was, “Did the surgery happen?!”  One minute I was in a bright OR surrounded by people in hairnets. For me, seemingly the next moment (but fully 8-9 hours and a lifetime or two), I was awaking in a darkened room with a tube down my throat. Yes, it had happened I was reassured. I recall trying to communicate via a note pad. The next question I remember asking was, “Did Obama win?”  Pretty funny, but the election campaign had kept me company during my time on the waiting list.  I tried to ask other things but, I’m told, kept falling asleep mid scrawl!  During that time I remember Tom, my Mom, visited the bedside, then a long night on the breathing machine.  It was a dark room but I felt safe.  I got a bit fussy during that first evening and a nurse came and sang to me…

It has been a wonderful four years! Truly! None of the blessings I’ve enjoyed and shared with you on this blog would have come to myself and my family without the altruism of someone and their family who chose to make something good come for us at the most tragic time imaginable for them. THANK YOU.

To celebrate every day has been my way of life.  It’s not always been easy, and heaven knows what the future holds.  I know I’m heading out on a tour of Quebec tomorrow.  That’s not half bad, eh?!

Love to you all who continue to follow this journey!


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