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Hi guys,

In association with the Ontario Lung Association, I have written a song called “Breathe in”... it’s a song they call a love song to breathing.

We are selling it online to help fund research into lung health. I’m very excited to announce this news & be part of the project!

For a mere $2 you can download and own the song about hope!


You can hear the song and watch this video about the project by clicking on the image below…

Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 7.55.59 PM

With your help, we’ll improve lung health, if we only try! DOWNLOAD THE SONG TODAY!


The gala was last night where I performed the song for lots of supporters of the Lung Association, including about twenty of my doctors. NO PRESSURE!  Quite the role reversal, them visiting ME at “work”.   A guest speaker of the night was the irrepressible transplant advocate Hélène Campbell who I FINALLY got to meet. I felt like we could have talked for ages.  Here’s the photo we took with Hélène, me, and a sweet highschool student Kayla Baker, who is awaiting her lung transplant. Three fierce ladies! Here’s lookin’ at you!


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