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2014 recap in photos

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I realize I didn’t do a recap of 2014! This was the year when I recorded an album in New Orleans, with my new new lungs! It came out in November and we got around a lot with a mini release tour, and dates in Quebec too, and raise awarenss for and lung association! Tom and I traveled to London England, and also to James Herriot country in the North. Just great fun! I also visited NYC for the first time ever: what a town! Such a contrast to New Orleans, but both great jazz cities! I also had a national tour wit my jazz band and Tom recorded his new album.

2015 in photos

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I know… I know… I never update. Let’s consider that a GREAT thing!!! I have been keeping very busy with music and horses and life! Did a great tour of the jazz festival circuit across Canada and to New York this year with my friend the Alleycats, made a music video (featuring Gypsy!), and helped Tom launch his country album called “Work. Horse.”   Also managed to figure out how to buy a car (to replace the 11 year old one I had worn out). Dad  would be proud. I also found a young pony to purchase, and said a very sad goodbye to my best friend Gypsy, who left us suddenly right before Christmas. I’ve decided to focus on the positive in this recap, and Gypsy was my great teacher for 26 years and soulmate: a life time of joyful memories. I was lucky to have her for so long. Okay… now… photos! I can’t even fit in all the cool stuff we did this year…. THAT’s A GOOD THING!!!!