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Something to Sing About…

In Uncategorized on November 18, 2010 at 1:21 am

Hi Friends,

A lot has been happening.

The Two-Year Anniversary of my lung transplant was a great day. Not only did it mark the anniversary of when I got my second chance in life, but I also sent all the remaining oxygen tanks in my basement back, AND…. at 12:30 pm I was signing a deal with a great record company called Justin Time who will be releasing my new record!  As I signed on the dotted line I looked down at my watch and said, “Wow. Two years ago right now a surgeon was signing my chest, right before surgery!”  I guess it is a good day for signing! And for singing. The show was a great showing of friends and family. I even had one of my respirologists in the front row (no pressure!).  Some special guests came down to sit-in on stage: it was just a great day that I am so grateful to have had the chance to experience. Thank you to my donor, whoever you were. Thank you!

A little later that same week I actually hit the dirt when my pony tripped. Down she went onto her knees and then continued to roll right over on her side. Luckily the ground was soft, and as she started to roll on top of my leg I let out an “Ow” and I *swear* to you that she rolled off of me when she heard that. I’ve always known she was special! But, whoa, scary. Speaking of which, there’s a lot of hunting going on near the horse farm of late, so I’ve come running home a couple of days when I start hearing shots ring out. They are hunting deer, but you know… you never can be too careful!

We even made it to the Royal Winter Fair this year. I was self-conscious about wearing my big mask indoors there, but you know, a lot of people –especially in the barns– were envious and asked where I got it!  We had a nice time watching the horse show and there was even a Dressage (sort of a “horse dancing” routine) to a live jazz singer who was dressed as a flapper! What a gig that must be!

Anyhow, lots of busy-ness here, what with the record and all. It’s set to be released in May of 2011. AND, to add to the musical excitement I got to record with a living idol, Bucky Pizzarelli when he was in town: we recorded a bunch of songs. What a thrill to sing with someone who’s worked for Benny Goodman and Les Paul and has backed up a lot of my female vocalist idols of the 1940s! Just a thrill. Sounds great too, though I have no idea when it will be released! See what I mean? BUSY!