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2018 Numbers are in!

In Uncategorized on February 6, 2019 at 6:58 pm


Trillium just released the 2018 record breaking numbers for transplant this week! And the transplant numbers are record breaking.

This is thanks to increasing visibility, increasing vigelence and reporting in hospitals, and partly due to Doctors being able to rehabilitate (lungs) for transplant that may have been damaged.¬† Some of the increased numbers seem to be coming from the opiode crisis in Canada, so this is the tragic side of the increasing donor pool. I’m so impressed, however, with how Drs Cypel and Keshavjee are able to heal lungs and implant them healthily into those awaiting a second chance at life. Which makes me say, “I love science!”

To the opiode crisis however, if you or someone you know might be struggling, here are some places to reach out to in Canada.

Lastly, on the same week that we got news of the successes of the program, news came that the Ford government are proposing to dismantle the Trillium Network, who with provincial support, have become an international leader in saving lives. The huge concern here is that the network, who help fascilitate organ transplants in Ontario from start to finish, may not receive enough resources or be as effective, thus eroding patient care. This news is petrifying for anybody in the transplant community who has or may in future need the help of this kind of organization to live. If this goes through, people WILL die. The government is also proposing to overhaul the health care system, notably also Cancer Care Ontario.

Read more about the proposal¬† here from the Globe and Mail’s article this week.