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Mardi Gras Madness, March 5 2019

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It is that time again folks — the time to honour those New Orleans traditions here in the land of ice and snow!

My group the Alleycats join forces yet again with Red Hot Ramble at Toronto’s great Lula Lounge for the party of the spring!  Here’s a little taste in a video from last year’s finale!

Be there this year, Tuesday March 5th 2019, $20 advance tickets, Dinner reservations guarantee seating, or $22 at the door. Doors 6:30, Music starts at 7:30.

Call (416) 588-0307 to reserve, or online at

Special drink and menu items will be available in the New Orleans tradition, great music, and beads people, lots and lots of beads!! AND LOTS AND LOTS OF FUN!

Mississauga Music Walk of Fame

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Alex Pangman at the unveiling of her stone at Mississauga Music Walk of Fame ceremony 2017 Photo Gabriella Bank

I was recently inducted into the Mississauga Music Walk of Fame, just steps away from where I went to school, and about ten minutes walk to the place I first sang with a jazz band! I gratefully dedicated this award to organ donor heros and the Trillium Gift of Life Network who work so hard to arrange for donation miracles. Thanks also to my own donors, family, friends, bandmates, the ever supportive local media, and to my teachers! I join past inductees Tommy Hunter, Oscar Peterson, Denny Doherty, etc. You can become a donor yourself in Canada at

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Left to right Peter Hill (pianist), Tom Parker, Alex Pangman, Connie Pangman, Jennifer Pangman, Ronnie Gavsie (CEO TGLN)


Mardi Gras Madness Concert with Alex Pangman & Red Hot Ramble

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screen-shot-2017-01-25-at-5-10-31-pmFor immediate release:

MARDI GRAS MADNESS event with ALEX PANGMAN & Her Alleycats & RED HOT RAMBLE at Lula Lounge, March 1st 2017.

Who: Alex Pangman and Her Alleycats, & Red Hot Ramble.
What: Mardi Gras celebration with live music, dancing, dining.
Where: Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas Street West, Toronto ON
When: Wednesday March 1st 2017, Doors 6:30pm / Alex Pangman 7:30pm / Red Hot Ramble 9pm


Tickets: $15 advance / $20 at door

Dinner Reservations Guarantee Seating by calling Lula Lounge (416) 588-0307 or

Toronto vocalist and JUNO nominee Alex Pangman is happy and proud to co-present an evening of Mardi Gras Madness and New Orleans based jazz with Red Hot Ramble, Toronto’s own purveyors of southern spirit. Pangman’s annual winter concert welcomes this fresh experience, in a room brimming with party atmosphere and renown for its dance floor, colourful ambiance, wonderful kitchen, & high quality stage shows.

Red Hot Ramble bring the essence of Mardi Gras to each show. Whether traditional jazz, blues, funk or good old fashioned New Orleans “second line” parade beat, Red Hot Ramble inhabit it all & bring life to every party. Co-lead by pianist/vocalist Roberta Hunt, and drummer Glenn Anderson, the quintet brings together the rich and varied musical experiences of five of Toronto’s most passionate jazz musicians inspired by the music and culture of New Orleans; with Alison Young saxophone/ Jamie Stager trombone/ Jack Zaroswki bass. The band holds a residency at Toronto’s Rex hotel and will perform songs from their latest albumSome Swamp Stomp.

Proudly known as ‘Canada’s Sweetheart of Swing’ Alex Pangman keenly honours the roots of jazz on her JUNO nominated album New which was recorded in New Orleans. Pangman will perform tunes at Mardi Gras Madness which showcase this link to New Orleans heritage and the legendary players and songs the city spawned. Her Alleycats will include John Macleod on cornet, Peter hill piano, Glenn Anderson drums, and Jack Zarowski bass.

The finale will be a collaboration on stage between the two groups: something not to be missed as the final songs will bring out the real Mardi Gras “Madness” in both bands as they join forces to give one final bead throwing hurrah to Mardi Gras 2017!

Why Mardi Gras Madness you might ask? Mardi Gras is a New Orleans tradition beginning on 12th Night (the last night of Christmas) and is the culmination of carnival season celebrations which come to a close with a big parade/bacchanal before fasting for lent. In short, Mardi Gras is a good time, and who among us doesn’t need one of those these days? (Note this event was originally to be held at Hugh’s Room on Febuary 28th but due to circumstances beyond our control, has moved to Lula Lounge.)

For More information visit and


A Celebration Of Life

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When Trillium Gift of Life Network (the people who are in charge of arranging organ donation in Ontario) asked me to speak and sing at the “Celebration of Life” service and medal presentation to honour Organ and Tissue donors and their Families, I JUMPED at the chance.

But I hadn’t any idea it would be quite such an emotional night.  Of course, in theory I understood it would be somber. But I wasn’t quite prepared for the overwhelming human experience of sitting amongst the families of the donors. Of hearing them reminisce and cry and accept the medals for their loved ones.  It was, as Tom said, “like attending 75 memorials at once.”

I told them my story from the podium, I let them have an inkling of how my life was, and how now it is so simple to sing and to breathe since transplant.  Trillium asked me to sing “I’ll Be Seeing You”, a great wartime hit about missing the one you love. Later, after the medal ceremony and slide show I sang “Star Dust” Carmichael’s great tune that speaks of the “memory of loves refrain”. And the memories were great in the room. You could feel them everywhere. All sizes and colours and sexes and religions had gathered there. And to be part of that tapestry? I can’t explain how that felt. Intense?

So sitting there, seeing the families, and feeling their grief in the air was intense. Seeing a little girl and her Dad accept the medal for her Mom? There was no use in trying not to cry. In theory I think of these brave and generous souls often. But the act of seeing the families in the real — well it was overwhelming. That in their darkest hours they saw fit to allow others to live? Amazing.

I won’t lie: at moments I felt guilty. Felt guilty that I was sitting there beside my husband while they did not have their loved one. But to some of the ones to whom I spoke, at least, hearing me sing helped them in some measure realize the difference their loved one made. Some good out of tragedy.  Sometimes the sorrow seemed overwhelming within this community of families with a common bond… I can’t imagine how awful it feels to be a grieving family member. But BECAUSE of the generosity of someone like them, MY family is not grieving.  And for that there is no words. Just know that I won’t ever forget and I have now an even greater idea of the cost that my happiness comes at.

And for those of you wondering, Yes, it is rather difficult to sing when you’ve been trying to hold back tears for an hour! But I did it with the help of my stalwart pianist…and a very special set of lungs. I can only hope it brought some meaning to the attendants. Their stories certainly touched me. In fact, I am forever touched by them.