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Alex Pangman Mardi Gras mask

We’re doing it again! Mardi Gras party! The miracle of Transplant has allowed me to keep playing music for 9 years now… This is an annual tradition for me, a Mardi Gras celebration, and I’m joined on stage again by my friends in Red Hot Ramble… read all about it!

Who: Alex Pangman and Her Alleycats & Red Hot Ramble.
What: Mardi Gras celebration with live music, dancing, dining.
Where: Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas Street West, Toronto ON
When: Tuesday February 13th, Doors 6:30pm /
Alex Pangman 7:30pm & Red Hot Ramble 9pm
Contact: (416) 834-6173
Tickets: $18 advance / $20 at door
Dinner Reservations guarantee seating by calling Lula Lounge (416) 588-0307 or
Toronto vocalist and JUNO nominee Alex Pangman is happy and proud to co-present an evening of Mardi Gras Madness and New Orleans inspired jazz with Red Hot Ramble, Toronto’s own purveyors of southern spirit. This annual winter concert returns to Lula Lounge, a venue brimming with party atmosphere! Ya’ll come!

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Christmas Gift Celebrates 10 Years

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We’re bringing our Christmas Gift album back to the stage this holiday season! Starting off with the Toronto Christmas Market at the Distillery District (Fri Nov 25th 6:30 pm $6) and then a dedicated full length performance at London Ontario’s Aeolian (Sunday Nov 27th 3pm, $22- $30 tix).  We will also be performing some tunes from the project at Upstairs Jazz in Montreal (Dec 2),  Allsaints swing dance in Ottawa (Dec 3) and The Jazz Room in Waterloo (Dec 10)

The story of Christmas Gift….

In 2006 I recorded my Christmas Gift album to help raise awareness for organ donation. I’d seen people waiting for lung transplant, althought transplant had not yet entered my own life. The rampant commercialism of Christmas got me thinking about the misplaced spirit of giving… the gift of life is truly a gift worth giving. And so the album was born.

While the album is a non-typical roller coaster of Christmas tunes from the swing era, I also re-wrote some lyrics for the cause to a Julia Lee song, the Christmas Blues, “If one kind soul would sign on, I’d have a brand new song to sing….” That’s the only overt musical reference to organ donation on the album.

Since I made that record I was able to receive the gift of life in both 2008, and again in 2013. I remember there was one song on this album which became more and more difficult to sing as my disease progressed.  At present, the jam packed mouthful of words are such a joy to sing: I want to share that joy with you again!

Gift of Life…

Visit in Ontario and elsewhere in Canada to sign your consent to be an organ donor here. One person can save up to 8 lives & enhance countless others through organ and tissue donation!

The album….

A special re-pressing of this album has been prepared for this season! Having gone out of print, this 10th anniversary was a good reason to get it pressed again.  As CDs are going the way of the dinosaur, I’d like to point out that aside from being a nifty stocking stuffer, the CD itself also acts as a very reflective mirror for putting on holiday red lipstick, or straightening a holiday bowtie.

The band….

The group I’m traveling with this season includes myself, Peter Hill (piano), John Macleod (cornet), Chris Banks (double bass), and Glenn Anderson (drums.) There will also be guest cellist Christine Newland at the Aeolian show!

The rehearsal….

Click here to preview a few sounds from our rehearsal last week…. The Boogie Woogie Santa Claus!!

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May Day!

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May day! May day! It’s the first of May, and we need you to consider becoming an organ donor!  RECYCLE!  Talk to your family and let them know your wishes. If you’ve read my blog you’ll know how it can change lives. These ads for Lung Mart are popping up around Toronto lately: “if organs and tissue were this easy to find, we wouldn’t need donors.” Pretty freaky ads, but they provoke discussion, which is what we need! I encourage you all to visit their interactive web page at

I’ll be out in the media soon too. Wow. I’ll actually be COMING OUT about my health! To do this has *always* scared me and I managed to keep my health a pretty good trade secret for over a decade. Frankly I wanted people to associate my name with  SINGING and not with an illness.   I never found spreading the idea of a jazz singer coughing up blood between tunes was very romantic (not like the blind man playing the blues).  But now is not the time for Secrets. Now is the time to spread the word. Mid-performance  I told a room-full of folks at Hugh’s room about my transplant. It was a packed house. How could I, in good conscience, NOT tell 125 captive audience members the miracle of transplant? Of course I drove the message home with a big loud song.  A *lot* of people came up after the show to express their amazement and willingness to become donors. Rewarding to say the least. A feel my calling coming on!

At the stable I’m getting my stamina up and have started jumping pretty much full courses of jumps in preparation for showing this summer.  To further press the matter I bought an especial *show* helmet!  On a whim I even took up the offer to ride a large Thoroughbred who was wearing just a halter for steering. The next day I tried the sensational running walk & canter of a Tennessee Walker (from bareback) to broaden my equine palette. I love it!


Oh, La LA! I’ve been very BUSY with the television show of late, and also gigging. Lickin’ Good Fried release our 45 rpm record THIS SATURDAY NIGHT @ the Dakota Tavern in Toronto.  8pm show,  then we go again from 10pm – 1am. I’m VERY excited!!! We just picked up the vinyl tonight…. (and don’t worry, for those of you with no turntable, we will provide you with an MP3 for your purchase! For $5 you get the 45 PLUS two MP3 digital downloads of the singles.)  Performing has rarely been this fun to me as lately. I am *loving* what I do again without the bad lungs to overcome. I am *loving* this band. I am *loving* being there in the moment and pray it goes on and on.

Health wise, my CMV level is still a bit higher than they’d like despite about ten days pill  treatment. I go in soon to see if  I will need i.v. therapy to curb it.  (Guess that’s why they encouraged me to hold onto the iv access in my arm.) Hopefully it remedies itself before coming to that. I pray! IVs are something I have enjoyed being without.

Finally, check out the current Hot Docs festival for a film called 65 Red Roses about one  Cystic woman’s journey to lung transplant. It was on the cover of this week’s NOW magazine and got critics pick.  The article can also be found on-line.